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We help private individuals and SMEs to optimize their IT and save money by giving you individual advice as an IT service provider and developing unique IT structures with you.
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The support subscription for your IT.

Bettysoft+ is the support subscription of Bettysoft, which is individually adaptable as your IT requires. With Bettysoft+, customers benefit from unlimited support at uniquely good conditions.Read more ...

Bettysoft IT service

Your IT issues are our mission.

Bettysoft is your partner for IT matters in Remscheid and the surrounding area.
Innovative IT solutions from experts.
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Better authenticate.

With BettyAUTH, everyone authenticates easily, quickly and securely – and much more. Together with a number of clever algorithms and the integration of our Cyber Defense system, BettyAUTH offers a highly secure account management. And all in just one app.Read more ...
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Dataprotection was never that great.

With SecretFolder you can protect and manage your personal data quickly and easily. Thanks to its advanced BettyCrypt core, you can encrypt sensitive data in the shortest possible time. A powerful tool for your everyday life.Read more ...
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Always the right password.

Strong passwords require strong software. Take your passwords to a new level. Generated locally and quickly with just one click, thanks to Passwords - the browser extension from Bettysoft. Simply strong!Read more ...