Your partner for IT. 

We help private individuals and SMEs to optimize their IT and save money by giving you individual advice as an IT service provider and developing unique IT structures with you.

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Our managed services for your IT.

With Bettysoft+ we offer managed services that are as individually customizable as your IT needs. With Bettysoft+ you benefit from recurring IT support at fixed conditions.

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Bettysoft IT service

Your IT. Our mission.

Bettysoft is your partner for IT matters in Remscheid and the surrounding area.
Innovative IT solutions from experts.

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Better authenticate.

With BettyAUTH, everyone authenticates easily, quickly and securely – and much more. Together with a number of clever algorithms and the integration of our Cyber Defense system, BettyAUTH offers a highly secure account management. And all in just one app.

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Bettysoft Backup-as-a-Service

Say goodbye to manual backups. Bettysoft Backup-as-a-Service operates unremarkable in the background, automatically safeguarding your data at scheduled intervals. Enjoy the freedom to focus on what matters most – doing your work.

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Bettysoft Endpoint Protection-as-a-Service

Good virus & malware protection is fundamental, but do you have the right software? With Bettysoft Endpoint Protection-as-a-Service, we take care of the security of your systems & data and can intervene quickly and reliably in an emergency.

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