The trust of its users means everything to Bettysoft. Due to this the privacy of every single one is respected and always secured with strong encryption methods.

In the development of software and services security and protection of user data comes first from the beginning. Through the continuous development, new security and protection standards can be implemented, so that your data is protected reasonable all the time.

Bettysoft considers it important that users know what is happening to their data. Therefore, software and services are presented and explained as transparent as possible. Users should understand what data is collected for which reason, and have to decide whether they would like to provide it for Bettysoft. Those who later change decision can easily undo every setting. Immediately all data is removed completely. Collected data is used exclusively to improve the software and services.

This website contains information about which data Bettysoft is collecting from its users, why this is collected and what happens to it. In addition there is linked a privacy report at the end of this page, which is updated regularely.

Bettysoft is commited to the protection of privacy. Not only because security software and the associated protection is anchored in the roots of Bettysoft, but also because you do not get paid the users trust. It has to be earned. Because of this Bettysoft works every day. And that will remain, in order to keep it in future.