Privacy - Settings

Best protection for your account

The trust of its users means everything to Bettysoft. Due to this every user gets strong and powerfull tools to protect their privacy. Here you can find all important information that helps you to increase the protection of your Bettysoft VIP account.

A secure password

Most important for the protection of your account is choosing a secure password. Never use the same password for different accounts. Strong passwords include upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and other signs in arbitrary order. Take care of that your password never includes personal information of you that others could guess.

Regularly change of password

Nearly as important as choosing a strong password, is to change a password regularly. Through long usage passwords become more insecure. To fulfill the optimum requirements, you should change your password minimum one time per year. If you think someone knows your password or uses it abusively, you should do this change immediately.

Activate the login in two steps

To prevent, strangers can login to your Bettysoft account just through entering the e-mail address and the password, Bettysoft offers the login in two steps. Use this to optimum secure your account.

Activate the secure code

To prevent your password is being reset just with your e-mail address, Bettysoft offers the option to set a secure code. It has to be entered in addition to your e-mail address to reset your password.

Protect against phishing-mails

All fraudulent attempts to get your password are known as "phishing". Most time this happens via e-mail or textmessage. Phishing messages are deceptively realistic at first glance, but can be unmask at such at closer inspection. If you receive an allegedly Bettysoft originating phishing message, please send it to reportphishing(at)bettysoft.de and test following things:

  • The sender's address does not belong to Bettysoft's addresses.
  • Your receiver's address is different to the one you stored by Bettysoft.
  • The message contains links to foreign URLs, that does not match to Bettysoft's.
  • The message looks significantly different to other messages from Bettysoft.
  • The message requests personal information like your password. You should not reply to this message or follow any links in it.


You can send diagnostic reports to Bettysoft, which help improving products and services. Although no personal data is collected and all diagnostic reports are encrypted before transmission to Bettysoft, collecting and sending of diagnostic reports is disabled by default. Bettysoft requires your express consent. You can give it in the account management in SecretFolder and of course revoke it any time. You can also view the created diagnostic reports any time. Bettysoft uses the data exclusively for the improvement of products and services and does not give it away to third parties.