Better authenticate.

Authentication rethought - made easy

BettyAUTH is an easy to implement, perfectly customizable authentication platform that combines convenience, privacy and security.

  • 100%Convenient
  • 100%Private
  • 100%Secure

Integrated security

From the beginning security has been a key part of BettyAUTH. Therefore personal data of your customers are never collected, saved or evaluated.

  • Random IDWhen an account is linked to the app, random identifiers are generated so that no personal data is required.
  • Context Based APIIn other words: server and client each only get access to the data that they really need to carry out a request.
  • EncryptionAt BettyAUTH, the entire communication between server and client is of course encrypted.
  • AppThe BettyAUTH app uses the APIs from the SDKs of the operating system providers, thus exploiting the full potential of the mobile operating systems and offering optimal protection.
  • Account ProtectionBettyAUTH uses the knowledge that Bettysoft has learned in recent years with Cyber Defense and thus protects the authentication platform from cyber attacks.
  • Data MinimizationBettyAUTH was designed in such a way that as little data as possible is required or generated for use or during use.

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Did you know that ...?

More than 99.9% of all compromised accounts are not protected by MFA and only 11% of company accounts are protected by it.1 Nevertheless, many companies shy away from the use of MFA, due to compromises to the user experience. BettyAUTH offers 100% comfort, at the same time protects the privacy of users and increases account security to a maximum.

One app, many possibilities

Via the BettyAUTH app, users can secure accounts with an MFA and even lock them if necessary. An authentication history is also implemented.

  • mfaMFAUsers confirm their login with a second factor. This increases the account security many times over.
  • manageAccountmanagementAccounts can be blocked and unblocked by users. This prevents, for example, an unwanted login.
  • historyHistoryThe history in the BettyAUTH app shows all authentications with date and time. If something is wrong, your users will see it at a glance.

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With the BettyAUTH app, users can authenticate themself
super easy in just a few seconds.


This is BettyAUTH.

Developer APIs

You are developer and want to implement the full functionality of BettyAUTH? With our new AuthSDK developers can easily integrate BettyAUTH functionality in their projects.

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Expandable with modules

With modules you can perfectly adapt BettyAUTH to all wishes and circumstances of your company and easily expand the range of functions.

  • modulesModules
  • storeStore
  • bmcManagement Console

Find the right option for your business

Your company is unique and needs a software solution that is perfectly adapted. Due to this, BettyAUTH was developed for companies of all sizes.

  • BettyAUTH Enterprise
    79 € p.m.
    Billed annually.
    Top features
    • unlimited accounts incl.
    • 1 API key
    • Pro MFA with account management
    • Comfort-Deactivation
    • Account security incl.
    • History
    • Management Console
    • Website-Certificate
    • Expandable with modules
  • BettyAUTH Basic
    39 € p.m.
    Billed annually.
    Top features
    • 100 accounts incl.
    • 1 API key
    • Pro MFA with account management
    • Comfort-Deactivation
    • Account security incl.
    • History
    • Management Console
    • Website-Certificate

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Why BettyAUTH is right for your company?

  • Easy to implement and perfectly customizable
  • SaaS and app without maintenance or hosting effort
  • Convenient, private and secure

1) According to a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2020.