Dataprotection was never that great.

Privacy has a name – SecretFolder.
Protecting your personal data has never been so easy. One click and everything is secure. With the great new features in SecretFolder 6 you can manage your data more simple. And thanks to new algorithms even more efficient.

  • SecretFolder One place for all your private files With SecretFolder you encrypt all your private data fast and secure. And due to intuitive usage very easy and stressfree.
  • Open Source A heart for open source BettyCrypt, the heart of SecretFolder, is open source. Everyone can view it on GitHub and also download it, if he wants to. This strengthens the trust in the software and makes all the encryption features accessible for each developer worldwide.

Why you should use SecretFolder?

  • Fast installation and updates
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption of the content and the metadata of your files