Dataprotection was never that great.

Privacy has a name – SecretFolder.
Protecting your personal data has never been so easy. One click and everything is secure. With the great new features in SecretFolder 6 you can manage your data more simple. And thanks to new algorithms even more efficient.

  • SecretFolder One place for all your private files With SecretFolder you encrypt all your private data fast and secure. And due to intuitive usage very easy and stressfree.
  • aes AES - Always extremely secure. Your files are encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key size of 128 bit. This ensures a high level of security for your data and a very good efficiency during encryption.
  • Open Source A heart for open source BettyCrypt, the heart of SecretFolder, is open source. Everyone can view it on GitHub and also download it, if he wants to. This strengthens the trust in the software and makes all the encryption features accessible for each developer worldwide.

Fast, faster, QuickBar.

With the QuickBar the most important functions are directly accessible. Encrypting and safe removing your important files has never been so easy. Just one click and you are finished. And it also looks really good.

  • encrypt Encrypt. Finish. Just one click and your private data is encrypted. No matter if it is a single file or a folder, SecretFolder encrypts all the things that are important for you.
  • shredder Delete. But correctly. With SecretFolder objects are overwritten multiple times if desired and thus safely removed from the computer. This not only works with encrypted objects, but also with non-encrypted. So a restore is excluded.

Why you should use SecretFolder?

  • Fast installation and updates
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption of the content and the metadata of your files