Participation is worthwhile.

To provide quality software, it requires some testing and optimization during the software development and also afterwards. Despite all efforts sometimes things do not go correctly in the finished product. For this reason, the BettySoft Optimization and Improvement Program (BOIP) was launched.

That's why you should participate.

  • participate Join BOIP Report a security gap in a product or service from Bettysoft and automatically participate in BOIP.
  • bounty Get a bonus If the security gap was not reported to us by any other person, you will receive a bonus.

What about data protection in diagnosis and usage reports?

  • secure Local encryption Diagnostic reports are encrypted locally and securely transferred to the Bettysoft server via HTTPS.
  • data No private data Diagnostics and usage reports do not contain any personal data, such as user names or names of encrypted objects.

Join now and get a bonus!

Through the BOIP Bounty everyone has the possibility to report security gaps in Bettysoft products and services and thereby get a bonus. The new bonus program motivates the search for weaknesses in the software and thus ensures increased security.